About Med-Files

Who We Are & What We Do

Med-Files specializes in abstraction by summarizing medical, legal, and other business and institutional records. We prepare concise reports tailored to suit each client’s specific case and needs. Our services have been utilized by physicians, attorneys, and insurance companies across the nation since 2003.

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Our knowledgeable and professional staff are experts in the following:

  1. Sorting records into chronological order
  2. Abstracting relevant data per your specific needs
  3. Summarizing information into a customized format
  4. Checking all final reports for quality, accuracy, and completeness

We are based out of Southern California, but have the technology and processes to obtain and facilitate the secure transfer of records from anywhere in the nation. In addition, we adhere to HIPAA regulations to ensure the utmost confidentiality and privacy of all records.

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Based on the size of the medical record, we can provide a 24-hour turnaround at no extra cost.

We guarantee industry-leading quality with below-market pricing by offering significant monthly discounts based on volume.

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